3 Reasons to Look for the Silver Lining this Election Cycle

Now that Hillary Clinton is a lock-in for the Democratic Party candidate, we have one of the most interesting elections I’ve ever seen on our hands. Granted, I’m only 20, so the number of elections I’ve been around for is few, and the select few I can actually remember are even smaller. That being said, I feel like I speak for quite a few Americans when I say that I feel stuck. Continue reading


Seven Things I Learned Living at the Radshack

When I was preparing to move in with five of my closest friends almost exactly one year ago, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. We’d made plans to move in together, just recently (and at the very last minute) found an amazing, cute lil’ house to rent just minutes from campus, and knew that we all wanted to pursue God together while living under the same roof… but that was about it. I’d lived with two of the five, but didn’t quite know how it would look living with those two and the other three all at the same time. Pack six very strong, very different personalities into one home, and the results are sure to be unpredictable. And they were – because I couldn’t have predicted learning and growing as much as I did within this past year at the Radshack (named after a misremembering of the name of Shadrach of the Bible, but it’s fine). And I definitely couldn’t have predicted just how amazing living with these five women would be.  Continue reading

4 Reasons I Don’t Stand With Planned Parenthood

I hate politics. I really do. The anticipation of being able to vote in this upcoming election (my first presidential election as a voter) has me a little on edge, because I don’t really know where I stand on a lot of things. Sometimes I’m more conservative on issues, sometimes I’m more liberal, and sometimes I sit right on the fence and can’t even decide in which direction to swing my legs. But one issue I do pretty clearly have a stance on is that of the Planned Parenthood debacle that has everyone talking.

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Sidewalk Perspectives

So, I think one of the main purposes of this blog is to reflect my life. I mean, I’m still figuring out the whole “purpose” part of the blog, and this is only my second post, so I assume that the still-figuring-it-out stage is an appropriate stage to be at in the blogging process. But, who knows, I’m new at this. That being said, I want to tell you all about my Friday night. (I know, you hear a college girl tell you she wants to talk about her Friday night and you immediately start cringing before all the details even come up. I promise, it’s not that kind of Friday night.)

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